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19 hours down. Another 16 or so to go.

This is the third time in 3 years that I’ve had to drive cross country across the whole United States, and damned if it never gets any easier after the first time.

Also damn Tumblr. You desperately need a horizontal view for your iPhone app. Having to peck away at a tinier keyboard is just … raaaaaagh.

>”Plots will sell for the same price to both free company and individual buyers.

… wow. I don’t usually like to complain about stuff publicly on my Tumblr, but … after all the assurance in interviews that individual housing would cost less than Free Company housing, I am pretty damn disgusted.

Addendum: I actually do have enough for a small sized house, right up to the top-tier plots and all, but no way am I going to sink that much gil in to this.

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