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Q17: Will you be adding more to Edda’s story?

A17: Hmm…I wonder (laughs). I really want her to be happy… I guess it depends on everyone’s feedback, but I’m really curious as well!

Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Brutal Mode):
The character player is forced to go back to TTD one final time and do a spooky-scary escort mission where they find an even more broken and confused spirit of Edda, unable to move on and also unable to accept that she was trying to bring an abusive former significant other back to life. The party, in walk mode only, has to slowly traverse deeper and deeper in to TTD’s depths while ensuring different enemies don’t succeed at “killing” (i.e. sending to the void) Edda’s spirit (also since it’s a walk-only dungeon, expect a lot of jump scares with disgusting-looking enemies), with “Aspects of Avere” as bosses that have nasty, mean-spirited flavor text directed at Edda all throughout. Edda’s spirit only finally finding peace and moving on after assisting in the final boss fight which banishes Avere for good, and open’s Edda’s eyes to the psychological abuse he put her through which in turn made her behave how she had been.
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