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So hey, with new crafting tiers and master recipes comes a new need for ways to get through them, right? Especially considering the tedium involved in crafting a High-Quality something 50 times that has both an obscene Quality rate as well as a staggering Durability/Difficulty total.

Sadly, SE has effectively made it near impossible for you to skimp on your high quality materials this time around, at least for the most part and when it comes to crafting the item needed for your Artisan-tier tools, so this isn’t really going to show you how to make stuff on a budget. While this might work to help you dance around capping all your materia for the 50-item requirement for your artisan tool, you still need to meld damn near everything you can if you want to even take a sniff at those sweet, sweet master-tier recipes.

Having said all that, I’m simply tossing up the macro set that I’ve created to help me grind my way through 50 Darksteel Wires without having to input every last command you need to do. Keep in mind that this requires a CP of 382, which means that even if you meld in every single point of CP allowed by your crafting gear, you’re still going to need some food to get that high.

Be warned that I have not tried using this with either wholly NQ materials or partial NQ materials. This has been used, with 100% efficiency mind you, on a more basic craft, Darksteel Wire, which just needs two Darksteel Nuggets to do. Anyone going through the other crafts at the moment, feel free to give your experience using this method!

  • Track Name

    Easter Event

  • Album

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

  • Artist

    Orange Lounge(?)

So a fun little thing I picked up on while going through the new 2.2 music was how familiar the seasonal event music for the upcoming Easter event was to me. Turns out I may have played a little too much Bemani and Dance Dance Revolution, because right as the lyrics (well, if you can call them that) kicked in and I heard the sound of the singer, I knew right away this was Orange Lounge.

For the uninitiated, Orange Lounge is the name, or rather the pseudonym, of video game composer Tomosuke Funaki, who contributed a ton of music to the Bemani group of music games such as DDR, Pop’n Music, Beatmania (and Beatmania IIDX), and so on and so forth. The giveaway comes not just from the sound of the music itself, but the sound of the lyricist, whose name is Shizue Tokui.

Just to give you a few examples to compare and contrast with: - Mobo Moga - Marmelade Reverie - Mondo Street

Of course I could be entirely and completely wrong, but the sound of the beats just seems far too familiar to be only a coincidence.

And that’s your random trivia of the day.

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